Kiima Foods promotes socio-economic empowerment through engaging communities in sustainable development

Kiima Foods founded 1995, is a Company Limited by Guarantee under Reg. No. 111695, a non-partisan anti-poverty organization, registered in Uganda to work with communities across the Country. It operates as a unique partnership of people, especially the rural poor, development organizations, government and social networks that are determined to ensure all people are equal and live in dignity

What We Do

The ‘Green Colleges initiative is implemented by kiima foods in Kasese to train rural youth in green skills both traditional scientific techniques to help them become entrepreneurs through Vocational Education and Training programs.

The initiative helps the youth to acquire both short term (15-30 days) and longer term certificate courses (six months), in topics such as sustainable farming, fish Farming, weaving, vegetable farming,tailoring, Juice processing and solar lighting.

Kisagazi Kasese Coffee Farmers Area Cooperative Enterprise is a membership organization  established the year 2016, to market and bulk farmers produces. The area operative, comprises of 7 duly registered cooperatives and 13 marketing associations, The current total population include Females 680 and Males 952 all in the business of coffee bean production.

Kiima Foods is implementing a project titled ‘Increasing access to sustainable and renewable energy alternatives in the Albertine Graben’ that aims at communities adopting sustainable renewable energy alternatives to reduce dependency on biomass for their energy needs.

The project is being implemented in partnership with World-Wide Fund-Uganda Country Office (WWF-UCO) with financial support from Noradword bank and Europn union

Meet us better

Kiima Foods Organic Farming in Numbers


No of households Reached


No of kgs produced on the farm per season


Household income from produce per year


Average hectare of land own by a household

Why You’ll Love Us

There is never been a better time to eat organic like mushrooms. Organic means working with nature. We’re coming into a fantastic time with the African Nature .

  • Delicious
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Always available

Green collage’s Excellent Service to equip the youth with best skills to become entrepreneurs

Their service is brilliant! I really hope some of them are now using your service.To become entrepreneur in their communities. The youth are becoming innovators by adding value to their materials around them 1000 youth have acquired skills in different disciplines

Masika Janet- Coordinator Green Collages

Love & flexibility of farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices.

We are very happy with the Farmers and we value that we can have the standard practices to increase modern farming techniques. 10,000 farmers have witnessed their income grow from 0 ushs per season to 500,000ushs per season

Mr. Baita Francis- Director Kiima Foods

Fantastic quality of work towards increasing access to clean Energy

I’m really appreciating our partner CSOs for the outstanding work they are doing in communities towards Access to clean Energy.

3150 Renewable Energy technologies have been Distributed to the end users.

1112 solars system have been installed and are being used by farmers.

2038 improved cook stoves have been installed and are in use by the farmers.

Muhindo Edith – Coordinator Clean Energy